Depending on the penalty for texting while driving in your state, you may be assigned a public defender. Then he went through her purse looking for anything he could find then found flash drive cards I told him they have nothing to do with him and there were he didnt want to see what was on there none of his buisness then he said nude pics I said yes then he pluged it in and saved pics looked through all of them with the guys from the store there and other cops were looking and grinning isnt that against the law to do that? the cops are investigation my phone and i dont want them to se messages from a while ago beause they are personal Dear Judy: They have done it to my friends before and then produced 100s of pages of information – every single text and call ever sent and received from the phone. Tim March 7, 1:58 am count( 185 ) I recently got into some trouble for arson in the 2nd degree, which is a felony, if they got a warrant would they look up texts from the time inbetween now and when the crime was commited, or would they look up all my records, or would they look up records having to do with arson or fire or ect?

As you stated, with a search warrant, the police would be able to search as far back as the messages are retained. ! I need to find a law stating because I was emancipated when the pictures were taken by my husband for only us that its not child porn please help. I called in again last week and got not call back. Ultimately, its up to the prosecutors office whether or not criminal charges will be filed. Lucas Millar May 7, 5:51 pm count( 157 ) One of my friends got her phone stolen and while it was stolen nude pics of her were sent out to another person are the police capable of finding the address at which the message was sent from or recievdd from? Adah Brown August 1, 7:43 pm count( 246 ) My son was arrested for domestic violence involving his wife.

Flyers & Posters At FindLostCat, we believe that making effective lost cat flyers and posters is one of the most important actions to take to find your missing cat. In the course of a police investigation into a crime or possible crime, they are authorized to collect evidence. Now that thats out of the way, I want to know if the police could trace my texts without consent. That includes phone company records and numbers other than the individuals account.

Doesnt mean Im clueless just means I being a male cant get anything. she claims the warrant officer told her who it was(which my daughter did not. There going through my stuff with out my consent.

They will advise you as to your rights in this situation. joe Judge, I was wondering. This includes the use of digital devices such as cellphones, computers, etc.

Because im 16 and i had a girlfriend who sent me some pictures a year ago. I was part of the situation and ended up getting caught. Dear Chris:

You have hit the big issue regarding ting squarely on the head – photos have a way of resurfacing years later. States are addresing these cell phone search and seizure issues as we speak.

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Is There Any Five Surest Ways to Track An Android Phone

When you are on probation, your probation officer has a right to conduct searches of your property 5 Best SMS Tracking Software for iOS Devices which may include your cell phone. Dear Jason: The brown county sheriff answered the phone.

How Can I Track Childs Cell Phone, Viber Calls Records or WhatsApp Messages Without iPhone

How do i retrieve my phone & could they go through my txts? but the thing is there were other txts from long time ago that me and some haters were treathning each other. My question is Is he allowed to go through my cell phone?

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