Sabin Rane Castillo Hi. can u pls confirm? Kumar i m trying to use viber on my pc, before i used to used on s4, currently my s4 is not working, so what can i do now. But I was glad that my old viber with my old number is still working. Spy phone app is a useful and necessary tool for parents, business owners and everyone who wants to know the truth: Once we have news on that, well post it on our Facebook page Hi, a related problem to jakob, my android phone is a dual sim capable phone.

Thanks Jodie Hi, is What is the Better Way to Put a Tracker on iPhone Without Them Knowing it a geneal problem to connect to Viber in China mainland? nadi Hi, I have two mobile phones with viber installed. (e) Additional Information: We may collect additional information if you access our App through a specific device (e.

Hi Viber, I am using VIber on Android and desktop. Z. Real Time ambient listening is available on Spyera only. However, you can have Viber as well as Viber for Desktop and Viber on certain tablets. Levan Costs less than your daily cup of coffee! The more people join on a Spy on WhatsApp Free Using Android or iPhone Without Install Any Software on Their Phone 2017 request, the faster it will become reality Menaka5 use my viber account? is that normal ?

I Want to Monitor Boyfriend's Phone and Viber Messages Without Jailbreak

Having said that, please specify whether your iPad is Jailbroken or not. Carolyn Hi. Michael I activated an account on my iPhone yesterday, then last night tried to set up an account with the same number on my ipad. I would like to know how i would be able to use my 2nd phone number with viber on the same unit (both of them at the same time).

At this stage, one Viber number can be assigned with only one device simultaneously (except for Viber Desktop). com and check   collecting data on your target phones. In terms of keeping me informed of where my family members are and at the same time, whatever they are up to. Levy Rocha Hello I have Viber on my iPhone and my PC at home, all works great, but when I tried to install Viber on my PC at work I never get the code to activate it. ly/1jQy3nB Unfortunately, any messages and calls that were not backed up cannot be recovered. Je cause someone used it in my name Please help me Bobbie O Burns markos If I have someone blocked on Viber and I change device and install Viber again, with the same sim number, does he become unblocked ?

I have two cell phone and two Viber on those. Anon I made this mistake by activating viber on my new ipad– I had no idea one account couldnt be installed on multiple devices unlike skype and ym–I wish this info was posted explicitly upon installataion or registration. Ive tried logging in twice but i havent received any code yet so i tried the no code link, but i didnt receive any calls so i tried following the process again. Note that i wont be able to recieve sms. Today I received a voicemail and a text message on my iPhone from Viber with a Viber code. What should I do? I waited for several hours, still no progress.

2. Question : Also how do you sign in correctly because it always just comes up select country & enter phones number. i would like to use viber desktop since the laptop gets better connection but it is asking for the number of my cell. jeevan i am using viber in my iphone, now i want it on my pc, i download it on my pc but forget the activation code. Cause it is becoming an issue for us. As my old phone is not compatible in the US anymore due to its difference in base band (signal is weak, no 4G)?

? Becca My viber works but it says I have no contacts but people can Spy App for iPhone 5s start the convo with me but it just comes up with there mobile number not there names how can I fix it? M Last hi how can I active viber on an iphone that doesnt get GSM signal? /Tickets/Submit/RenderForm/1 When you submit your initial inquiry, please make sure to choose Technical Forum. Hi Kate, Viber is supported on devices running Android 2. It would be nice if I could log my viber account into multiple mobile devices without having to log out of the other, and having my entire message history deleted from that phone.

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* Deactivating Viber on your mobile device will delete your call and message history. I already had conversations in my new phone which are important conversations before one day I needed an information about something and realized that that info was in the message history of the account in my OLD PHONE. it has viber.

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