Within this you can allow all apps, or only those rated as low, medium or high maturity, or for everyone. Read More of parental control apps?

Wont Somebody Please Think of the Children? We can lock it when she needs to focus on work, we have a timer so it locks at bedtime so she can get to sleep, and if her grades get too bad we can lock her out almost entirely.  Read the full review $99. ! false ); ); Tags: With a parental control app installed on your familys Android smartphones and tablets, youll be responsible for overseeing what online and app activities take place. That said, Mobile Spy has robust locationtracking and geofencing features.

Device control feature blocks all apps and silence the device for school or bed time. Or remotely send a command to temporarily disable them. Both your phone and your chids phone need to have network data capability, as the app uses data rather than SMS to send and receive commands and configuration information. Installing a parental control tool on your PCs can shield your kids from the dark side of the Web, but computers arent the only tech kids use to get online. Both apps can also track the childs location so that parents can make sure they arent somewhere unsafe or that they arent cutting class.

This app is much more ideal for a young teen who has their own Android device. jurisdictions.

Some of these tools let kids remotely request parental override to unblock a particular site, or get Secretly Way to Spy Facebook Chat Free extra time online to finish homework. offers a standalone Android app subscription for $13 per year. Thats unfortunate given that all the app stores have app ratings. Using Circle, you can manage which websites your kids can visit and how long theyre allowed to be online.

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